Archive | October 2014

October 29th – re-meeting – 365x project

meeting for participants of Archa Theatre projects


October 27th – film chill out – 365x project

film chill out in Jihlava, Czech Republic.


Octobed 26th – between films – 365x project

between film I’ve discovered park and Fall.


October 25th – time stopped – 365x project

favourite time in Autumn. Film festival out of the world state of mind. Jihlava, Czech Republic. Documentaries all day long. Special time, special way you feel the time, microcosmos, time stopped here in lovely way, don’t it ends.


October 24th – bar – 365x project

me and my two friends have that stupid tradition of doing embarassing bar toilet photos in our bar Buko.


October 23rd – Autumn run – 365x project

I was missing that running energy.