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do you remember that scene from Amelie? Prague. Czech Republic.

Theater is a brand new experience to me. Discovery. Totally new land.
I’ve started to be there more often last two years. Before, in Poland, theater was organized school group event – white shirt, official skirt, black tights. Now it’s a fascinating. Now an eyes’ opening.
I love the moment right before the beginning. Most of the people is sitting on the audience. Talking. It’s loud but you feel some waiting pressure. I look at the stage. It’s dead. It’s just a piece of old material. Grey. Hidden. Only that few decorations are fascinating me – what will happen with them. How they gonna finish in hour or two?
I am curious.
And I love the moment when, just for a while, I leave the performance and look at the people around me (you remember that scene in Amelie?). I sit there and now that I could just stand up and scream. And be part of it. Interrupt. Make different. That moment when I realize it happens all now.
And I am fascinated.
I also love that moment just in the end. Everyone clapping – performers are bowing for the first time, Still tense. The second time they start to connect to audience – looking through the lights, searching for friends there. The third one is relief and big smile. Relax. We did it.

less things more freedom. 7kg bagpack.

Is it all your luggage?

I’ve heard that question many many times since February. Yes.

It’s small backpack which weights 7,5 kg. Plus small notebook (about 1 kg) and big camera. And it’s just enough in hot NorthEast Asia (as well as in Europe or other place).

It saves money & mood:

– I can travel with it like a cabin luggage (in Air Asia within the region) so I don’t pay more.

– I don’t have to take taxi all the time cause it’s easy to carry and

– while trekking I can use backpack like one or two day and live some things in hostel.

Its great cause who wanna carry 15 kg in temperature 38 C?

I believe in minimalism and I believe that it gives freedom. During travelling and in life.

I’ve  never had a feeling that Im missing something important. Maybe trekking shoes but my sneakers were good enough for two-day trek in jungle. To feel like a woman I even have one necklace and some earings and basic make-up.

Yes, I am fed up with that black skirt with white dots. And yes I’m looking forward to see my  jeans and high-heels. Yes, after two months I am sick of all stuff I have. I can’t look at the same lousy t-shirts and one skirt. But if I were travelling longer I can just go to any shopping mall and change few things. Refresh. And stick to 7,5 kg.


people on the road: Dan. my “summer” romance

It was like a ghost relation.

First time I saw in on the boat to Thai island. I smiled. There was something in it. He made me curious. I didn’t have to wait longer. We met, by accident, on island’s main street, the same night. Few beers with others.

In life he was in the middle. Not middle age but between two jobs, two countries, waiting for a visa. He made me nervous.

Next days I got sick, sleeping more than 24 hours in the row. When I met my travel friends in the morning, they hangovered after some big beach party, mentioning they were asking – where is Kasha. They were with Dan, wondering, was Kasha a ghost? I’ve never met Dan again. Never on that island. Never in Thailand.

Just few days after in the center of George Town, Penang, Malaysia. Ghosts meeting on the street. Wow. We should meet. You should join. Let’s drink.

We became lovers. Summer lovers who ended with the stupidest thing ever – fight on the party the second night of our romance. He though I behave bitchy. I didn’t agree. I though he behave like an idiot. So shame cause summer romances has to be perfect. I suppose I will never meet him again. I didn’t plan, didn’t desire, didn’t whatever.

Two days after I saw him on the street in town 300 km from Georgetown. Ghosts between the tea hills. He wasn’t too friendly. Two strangers between tea hills? Goodbye. I should never see him again.

Besides the beginning of my crazy night in Kuala Lumpur. Bar. OK – maybe expats place. OK – maybe LonelyPlanet place. But still – ghost hours ghost place? How is that possible? He wasn’t too friendly. Goodbye. I should never see him again.

Prague’s ritual.

I almost forgot about that beautiful ritual I have had since the end of my first “residence” in Prague.

That evening (four five six years ago?), my last, I didn’t know what to do. What would be significant to me? What made me remember it always? Not party. I still knew few people here and didn’t really fit. I did some research and I found movie marathon in Aero cinema. Have never been there. Got out of the tram a little bit lost. The German guy look as lost as me so I ask somebody in Czech and offered him help . We have like 10 min conversation in English. During that time he told me he is from German embassy and accually have one free ticket, cause he’s friend couldn’t come. And he gave that ticket to me.

I don’t remember any of movies durnig that marathon. Only that it was awesome. I got lost in other world.

What I see sharply even now is early morning tram ride from Žižkov to Petříny. And tram stop “Sparta” where I suddently felt that I need to get out of the train. I did it. Went for a walk. Watching earlymorning Prague from Letna hill. Magic morning hours. Night breaking into the day.

Turning off the lights on the bridge Čechův most.

My magic goodbye.

living or leaving. Prague. Czech Republic.

First time I came to Prague by myself about 5 years ago. At least this is the official version. I stopped counting.

I was leaving the city for longer or shorter periods, weekends, long vacation, few months travelling. But it is always my anchor point, my point of reference. 

When I go back home – I mean Prague. When I think about work – I mean Prague. Even if I don’t have my flat, not even my room, I was changing address so many times I can’t even remember it. My nomad life can fit in one small car. Or less.

But still here. My friends make it homie.

And when I realize my full-time-travelling plan I will leave not other city than – Prague.

the weirdest compliment. Pattaya. Flashback.

In Pattaya I have heard probably the weirdest compliment in my life. We are sitting with David, my couchsurfing host, in the bar with naked ladies. Jacuzzi show it is called. He little bit drunk. Me little bit drunk with the atmosphere there. It is my first (and probably last) visit in nigh club like that. So we sit, drink, watching (I was more concentrated on guys sitting there, not that they are so sexy. They are not. Maybe one or two. Just curious how they behave without any breaks).  We dance. Me with a waitress who than thinks I’m lesbian and pulls me to jacuzzi girls that strong that I have to save myself telling that David is my husband. I’m drunk we sit. And after one hour David tells me  – you are the prettiest girl here.

I’m not very sure if being the prettiest in bar full of  Thai naked girls serving drinks or sitting in jacuzzi putting ice in their pussies is a compliment or not, but I politely say – thank you, David.