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December 10th – new half-book – 365x project

new book I was working on early Fall has arrived. half of a texts and editing by me. 20141210


December 7th – food festival – 365x project

ok, maybe we like cooking but I’m happy it’s the last food festival these year. mniam


December 6th – jam – 365x project

jam session in Clown&Bards, last time these year


December 5th – Skypedrink – 365x project

get drunk at home on Skype with a friend instead of going to the same bar again and look at the same candle wall again?:)


December 3rd – open mic – 365x project

we three we are high. or sth like that.


December 2nd – first winter morning – 365x project

and of course my fav view in whole prague