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April 29th – on the way to work – 365x project




April 28th – potraviny – 365x project

almost every street in Prague has Vietnamese shop. open always, has everything you need right now.



April 27th – awesome Sunday – 365x project

Spanish in the morning + brunch with loads of people at my place + workshop and show preparation n Archa Theatre + longboard steps = auuu

premiere in September!


April 26th – what a ride! – 365x project

Prague Spring Cycling Critical Mass 2014

I’m on the bike in car tunnel with 50 other cyclists and they’re playing The Doors. aaaaauuu! LIFE EXPERIENCE!

DSC_0265 (Medium)

More photos on here on Picasa

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DSC_0142 (Medium)

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DSC_0164 (Medium)

DSC_0193 (Medium)

DSC_0206 (Medium)

my point of view:

DSC_0244 (Medium)


DSC_0277 (Medium)

DSC_0240 (Medium)

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April 24th – Paris, Paris… – 365x project

second postcard this Spring. my friends seem to be full romantic…


April 23rd – grass&Spring – 365x project

season opening – first drinking on the grass this year.