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August 9th – August 24th = Faroe Islands

Saturday and Sunday, August 9th and August 10th

Ferry. Deck 1 doesn’t exist. Deck 3 -cargo. Deck 4 -cars.
We are on deck 2 with bunch of backpackers. You know, the cheapest tickets.
Martyna says: we are like Irish on Titanic.
And than: even transsyberian train was more comfortable.

Saturday evening. Storm. Real storm. It’s obvious cause I’m here. Half of the boat is puking. The other half is walking with pukebags.

After supersunny day we are here.

We are HERE.

I’m too excited to sleep.

Supernice Couchsurfer is picking us up from a ferry. Tea. Land. Excitement.


Monday. August 11th

Amazing breakfast gives power for long hike through all tiny Nolsoy island. Only me and M. Birds. Grass. Ocean. Faroese air. Wow.

Nolsoy island. First windy hike and we’re dead. Down there Nolsoy village.



Tuesday. August 12th

Fast change of plans. While hitchhiking two Polish is stopping. In the end we take together tour through North Eysturoy island.
Dinner with mother of our host. Jazz concert at local bar


Believe it or not but on the left there is a football field. Eidi, Eysturoy

20140812_1Wednesday. August 13th

Cause we love green


20140813_1Thursday. August 14th

Sheep selfie.

Mission 2 completed


Friday. August 15th.

Rainy evening cause we’ve just moved to a tent



Saturday. August 16th.

Saturday preludium


Sunday. August 17th




Monday. August 18th

Mykines hike



Tuesday. August 19th

Uff. Enniberg, Vidoy


Wednesday. August 20th

helicopter from Klaskvik to Fugloy

20140820Thursday. August 21st

I miss New York. I miss Amsterdam. I miss Faroe Islands. I miss Prague. I miss Southeast Asia. I miss Žižkov. I miss longterm travelling. I miss big open house with a lot of friends. I miss South America. I miss New Orleans. I miss.

Born to be wild.

Picturesque drive, Faroese karaoke & all you can drink. Can you imagine better goodbye evening?


Friday. August 22nd.

on a ferry. our own world. and games


Saturday and Sunday. August 23rd and 24th

It’s Sunday and my alarm is ringing at 6 am in a tent in bushes between McDonalds and gas station (from a ferry I’ve travelled with two german Italians who were on their way from Iceland. Placebo, Tool and very good ride but we had to say goodbye about 1 am and it was too late for solo hitch-hiking).

After 7 small car stops and German magican, who is creating ilusions for Audi, RedBull or Janet Jackson takes me almost 300 km (driving 220 km/h…). He is real. Check Florian Zimer!
Then short ride and I catch a car with German grandpa and grandson to Karlovy Vary. It takes quite long but lunch and drive to bus station included The rest of the trip is dedicated to StudentAgency bus company.

I’ve left Faroe Islands on Friday at 5 am. Long time, thousands of kilometers (and miles), but no time to prepeare mentally for a city bigger than 12 000 inhabitans. For no wind and sun all the time. For walls and high houses. Internally I moved forward a lot, raising that special freedom.