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to Žižkov with love. Prague. Czech Republic

And yes. Last Friday I have moved again. Have changed streets, night shops and keys. And perspective. I think and I feel that different location gives you other/new look for whole town, whole townsystem. You start feel it differently, see other details, meet new places. I love it.

That’s my amazing view:

Dalimilova view

For me Žižkov is a community. Not because people make something very special here, but many people I know have been connected to those streets. Žižkov is a fast call to friend – let’s meet – and 30 min later we lie on the grass in near park. My myself had been leaving here like 3 years or so. And I have spent here so many crazy drunk cold morning bar nights – that I can’t count it. And I love it. More with distance when I don’t remember broken heart and forever hangover. And now I am walking the street of Žižkov feeling like meeting old good friend. Seeing new places is seeing new memories again.

And yes. And something more: all those lost young cute boys looking for theirs hostel near my streets.


let’s dancefight! Prague

I must say it was the best party of June. Or last months. Even if I was by myself there till 3 am. Yes, my friends doesn’t really share my love for dancehall. But my first Dancehall Queen Battle 2013 was such special event in Prague that I couldn’t miss it. What’s more – my first Sound Clash and few concerts. Whole night program in Rock cafe. Yeah!




How I felt in love with dancehall? Why?

First sight. Caribbean islands but – surprisingly – not Jamaica. Every evening crazy party with locals – always reggae and dancehall. I came overwhelmed with that. I don’t really like that sexist part of dancehall. It’s too sleazy. But even dancehall has different kinds. Also that strong one.

After my Caribbean sea trip I came to Prague. It took me some months to go to my first lesson with Angee (I still think she is one of the best in Czech Republic). And it was it. So much endorphins. I just feel it. Somewhere in my blood.