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July 12th – thinking about that Spanish shore – 365x project

It’s time for dreams -> plans -> reality.

Thinking about that moment. Spanish seashore. Too cheap wine. Windy evening.



El Teide? La Teide! The hightlight of my trip.

Tenerife 2014

There are few ways of getting to El Teide. The simplest is taking a cable car, then walking 40 min up, going down by cable car too. Boring. The most popular is taking the route no 7 to the top (about 5 hrs) with permit or taking 7 to the Refuge Altavista at 2260 (2, 5 hrs) sleeping there and then walking for sunrise 90 more minutes and going back by cable car. I wanted to do it differently. First of all – there is only one bus. It takes you to the beginning of route no 7 at 11.15. Then you walk more than less two hours and you are at refuge at 2 pm and spend there whole afternoon. Doesn’t make a sense to me as I don’t have a car. So I decided to take very short no 1, then no 6 which joins no 7. Together more than 5 hours.

Hike is beautiful. For 3 hours I didn’t meet ANYBODY. Only me, lizards, rocks and sun. It looks like moon or desert around. No shadow, no place to hide. Amazing. Then no 6 joins no 7 and the real climb starts. I reached refuge at 4 pm and contemplated there till 5pm when they open the place. I was the only one there who had chosen that option.

DSC_0181 (Medium)

DSC_0178 (Medium)

DSC_0190 (Medium)


Amazing surroundings. Moon, volcano.

DSC_0201 (Medium)

Refugee Altavista, 3260 m.

DSC_0203 (Medium)

DSC_0219 (Medium)


Sunset from refugee – that triangle is a shadow of El Teide

DSC_0230 (Medium)

The next day I woke up after 4am. Night hike was ahead so I join a German couple. Not to do it by myself. Even with somebody is a little bit weird. No horizon or perspective cause you see only what your torch shows you. At 6.30 we are on top with like 15-20 people. Volcano smells bad. It’s even warm in some parts. The highest pick of Spain is mine. Good feeling.
Watching sunrise. Special feeling of community. Amazing experience. Most of the people take the first cable car at 9 to go down. I decide to finish it like real hike and I walk all the way back.

DSC_0244 (Medium)

DSC_0259 (Medium)

About 10 am I arrived at parking place where no 7 starts (the other routes are closed due to controlling of population). The first bus goes at 4 pm so I hitch-hike. After 5 min Polish couple takes me. They just came down by cable car.

June 8th – good morning Berlin – 365x project

dangerously close to reality – on the way back to Prague

my V.I.P. lounge in airport. Established 2009


June 6th – 6:30 am – 365x project

from El Teide, Tenerife

look closer. clouds, Puerto de la Cruz still with lights, magnificent sunrise.



it’s reallly cold20140606_1

June 4th – Puerto de la Cruz – 365x project

cute town full of retired German and English. Few versions of the ocean – so I still love it. Here natural swimming pools in the center of the town.



evening walks…20140604_1

…and different sunsets20140604_2