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I am obsessed with that City

Amazing and so intense time. Less than 12 days in New York.  megabytes of time when meaningless colorful subway lines are now my way to meet friends in that cool bars. Green spots are parks when I had my lunch. NYC was to me a dark black hole, piles of names, which sounds familiar. But empty. Now they have smell and colors and texture. They create a structure a mental map in my head. Still clumsy, but more than 3D. I didn’t have a clue about things which now are just so obvious. Still a much to understand, see and try.

– Have I told you already that New York is the greatest?

– Not today.

Absolutely no time to write. Only soak it, yeah. Stories faces places. For now some good photos and bad photos made to collect infomation. I have really good material and so many ideas. I have a feeling how that book is gonna look like. Now is time to write read write read and work hard. But I felt in love with New York so I felt in love with that book. Two months left. Go. 



inspirations: Man on a Wire, 2008

you have to exercise you rebellion


Focused on Jamaica – photos. London, UK

The best photos from Clipper Round the World Yacht Race 13-14 weekend can be seen on:

Beautiful St. Katherine’s docks:DSC_0630


Clipper 13-14: Focused on Jamaica

Jamaica song:


Right before entering the stage:



And Jamaican crew on the river!


Day 12: real american diner, Jamaica, Queens. NYC 12 days in 12 pics

5.45 am. Real American breakfast before the flight  to London.


find (12) differencies. London after

St. Katherine’s docks, Friday 8.15 AM

St. Katherine’s docks, Sunday 7.45 PM


Clipper race fleet depart in London 2013

Early sleepy morning when I hate goodbyes. I haven’t seen my brother that concentrated quite a long time.  No big words, come on, he is leaving to have such a great time.

I’m early in the docks. Crews are preparing yachts than presenting on the stage, Fast walk to the other side of the river where spectators boat is waiting. And the best two views of whole show: Jamaica going out from the docks & parade with all yachts one by one. Yes, I can shout really loud.

And that’s it. Crews are almost on the sea.

No tears – it’s not the end of the world, It’s the race around the world.