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jungle and Byrtek. Cameron Highlands

Ok. After today my mom should come here immidiately and beat my ass till it gets blue. But. She is not here so I have an unspoiled wonderful memory from Cameron Highlands.

I am not the biggest fan of organized trips. To be honest I hate them and take it only when necessary (there are places when you can’t get without a guide or boat). So I decided to explore Cameron Highlands by myself.

First in the morning – trekking. Before it starts raining in the aftternoon. First trail no 4 was like a walk in  the forest. I wasn’t alone. I met my new friend on bus station. His name is “white ass” or “hey you”. He looks like a big dumpling but he is very fit. Congrats, whitey.



After I’m taking trail no. 3 which is much more like a hike than no 4 -till the junction with Trail no. 2 which I’m taking- I want to get to the town and see one Buddist Temple.



And now the fun is starting. I wouldn’t call it hiking. It was full-time climbing – downhill and uphill all the time. Only one kilometer but in the middle of nowhere, with trail not easy to follow, crossing rivers and almost riding on my ass. Almost, cause of course I move like a butterfly (and who does not believe in that should be there with me). It was great but one of the stuppiest things I did last weeks. Not because the trails was too hard. It was hard but I am harder. It was stupid cause I was alone and did’t even have mobile with me. Tadam. Broken leg? Don’t wanna even think about it.

The trail finishes suddenly and I am like a ghost from the forest right into the temple. Tadam.

And these are the HEROES of today. My 10-dollar sneakers.

DSC_0083The second thing from collection “I am used to but my mother wouldn’t approve it”. I wanted to get to the tea plantation, 5 km outside tow Tanah Rata.  So I did kind of hitch-hiking. First I met Muhammed who was WHOLE 5 km talking about me and him being a special friend. I had to make up my boyfriend very fast but I didn’t help a lot. Way back home was a pleasure – Malay family with grandma. They only ask how old I am and if I am planning to get married soon.

PS. plantation was amazing





tea, strawberries and English weather. Cameron Highlands. Malaysia

absolutely stunning views on the way here. Malaysia is so green. heavy rain 20 min before we reached our destination and road is becoming orange river. crazy driver. good beginning. welcome to Cameron Highlands.

People on the road: Rudi

My stories about cutting hair will become a legendary collection soon. In East Thailand I was probably first female in some crappy hair “studio”. Part of my hair went black in Cambodian town in guesthouse bathroom. Now it’s  time for Malaysian story.

I wanted to cut my hair short, was sick of long hair in tropics, wanted to do it by myself, as in the movies. I tried to borrow scissors from the reception on Langkawi. They didn’t have any. Desperately I bought one but it didn’t cut hair – probably only paper. In George town, on Penang island, I tried again.

I asked for scissors on the reception. The guy looked at me shifty and asked: what do you wanna cut? Me: just cut. He: but what? – My hair – I added shy… He: I can do it for you! I was a hair stylist whole my life. Training in London. But now I am retired and work in hostel is calmer. Hair salon many problems. I cut your hair. 

So we did IT in the  hostel bathroom. I took my “piece of material” used before as a scarf, blanket or sheet.  We did IT secretly, that his boss cant see it on cameras. He took a challenge and used crappy paper scissors. Now you look nicer, younger, very nice. He said when he finished.

His name is Rudi. He liked me very much for some reason, telling me some stories and gossiping every morning.


When I was leaving he shouted – see you soon!

Asia 2013 – Thailand part 1

lost but found. Photos from Feb – first steps in Thailand

Bangkok – Pattaya – Chiang Mai – Sukhothai – Chiang Khan – Bangkok

many people minimum photos. George Town. Penang

Exactlly like in the title. What to add?

George Town is an amazing multi-culti town. With reach history and lots to see and do. My dormitory is full. I can only add that I don’t drink or party a lot but this time somehow…. my strongest memories:

– I really need to sleep;

– stolen karrimat;

– standing on balcony to catch some wi-fi: downstairs butcher, up sunset and singing from the mosque;

– Indian food;

Time flies. I am leaving on Friday morning. Now you are somebody I used to know. 


People on the road: F.

I met him on Malaysian island. We took a motobike trip together. F. is fascinating. The kind of open person who can make friend with anyone. No name here cause I didn’t ask for permission.

F’s been probably everywhere but still he has that kind of hunger for life.

He is fascinating. Because I enjoy conversation with him and at the same time I realize how much more is in him and wondering how to open that box.

He travels 8 months now but wants to stop for a while – sometimes I need my own pillow. And I don’t wanna reach that point when I see elephant on the street an I say, o, another elephant; when new things wont amazed me anymore.

“People on the Road” cycle

“People on the Road” cycle is like an exercise for me. Checking out my limits. Openness. Point of view. Sense of observation. Unhidden ideas.