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one 4th floore bar in the center of Linz. OnePhotoStory


Short jump to Linz theater festival. Meeting after months. Polish-Czech-Belgium wine re-union. Hip-hop night on that glass bar in festival center. 3euro cupons. Loud stories in the crowd. Discussing typical actor’s attitude. Busy night on that short white bar.



on a napkin

Fly away fifteen minutes a day

ArchaTheaterTrip. Linz. Austria.

We met in the Sat morning in family car on Mala Strana. Our seven. Direction South. I am so tired after Friday’s party but can’t sleep in the car.


Trip’s boss at work…


Three gas station later we are in Austrian Linz. Small cute town. Theater Festival Schaxpir but mainly two performances from our friendly theater – Belgium HET KIP.


First show was “Chicks for money and nothing for free”. Five guys. Shaving foam, beers, box. You have to see it. Made me suprised, laughing and ashamed at the same time. And I really really like it.



Primitive or absurdly. Great or just not boring. Suprising or simple. Made us discuss. With scenic beers. Bleh.


Kristyna even tried to made trick from the show.


After the show came Flemish version (the original one) of Football opera.


And yes yes yes we meet after half a year, after winter Prague, after common intense work in Archa, after so many days. Group chaotic walk in evening Linz.


Dinner and afterparty in festival center and great art space in the middle of town.


Night on the bar was pretty busy. And yes. When I start dancing I can’t stop.


Morning found us somewhere before Ceske Budejovice. 5AM goodnight. Another awesome day has started.