365x project

If you want to learn a language, you have to study it at least twice a week. Especially when it’s not all around you. If you want to be fit, you excercise, not only once a month but more often. You have to train it, be patience, fail. It’s the same with sensitivity. You have to look more, you have to look closer, you have to take more pictures, bad one and better one, you have to remember about your camera.

I take pictures mostly when I am travelling. When there’s space  and time for concentration. Only sometimes I stop on the street and see something funny, amazing, worth capturing.

But I want that sensitivity more often. I wanna be trained to see “the interesting”. That’s why I am taking a challenge of taking  at least one photo a day for whole year.  Some of the pictures gonna be great, some very bad, some average, some boring but important to me.  Sure I am afraid that I might fail.

I want to exercise but also record my year. When I look at my photos in 30 years I don’t wanna see only my trips. I want to see what was important to me, my life, my friends, my places, my ordinary day. So what now?







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