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that beating heart. New York

the only problem is – all my stories start with “In New York…”

Late evening after long working day. I eat porridge and watch HBO’s  “Boardwalk Empire”. I feel so happy when they mention Cotton Club, Harlem, characters move to Brooklyn, see some piece I can put in broader context.

Italy with my friends. Chill out.  When I start talking about New York it’s hard to stop – mostly stories from the bast, interesting (for me) things I discovered to myself. Not sure if it’s that exciting for people who hasn’t been there at all?

In Vienna I see “New York New York” bar and need to fight with myself not to get in. In the other one, supercosy and superlocal, they play Alicia Key’s “New York State of Mind”.

Few hour in the bus. Featured movie all set in NY, I even drop few tears (ekhm), after even documentary on the same topic.

“I need rescue” – I write in text message to my friend. Or reset.

But maybe it’s still better than talk about bad date, non unanswered messages or lost loves, some boring job? 

I am fascinated by the idea of “city”. When all that work load will go lower I have prepared  another amazing things to watch – online Penn University course “Designing Cities”. ❤


the edge of Scotland. onephotostory


That place, do I even remember the name? Small village in North North North  Scotland, few steps from dreamland of Orkney Islands. Edge of the beauty.

I was couchsurfing there. Cute house near small harbour. I remember talking in the morning sun, lots of flowers, chickens and cats.

Empty village streets. Strong wind. Suprising sun. Further North. Further hapiness.

on a napkin

Fly away fifteen minutes a day

21:16 Friday. 15th Nov 2013. I’ve sent the last chapter.

nothing more to say than









The Painted Bird project. Prague. Czech Republic


Last week intense but solid. Discovering and meeting. Three days of rehearsals and Saturday show.

Palissimo company from New York came to Archa Theater with a great dancing show The Painted Bird (part one) inspired by Jerzy Kosinski book. For more than forty volunteers, including me, there was a great opportunity to be a part of it. Be a tiny part of organized flow of bodies. On a real stage.

for more picture – my photosite

Wednesday to Friday we had evening rehearsals





Wash your hands…not only.


On Saturday night we met for general rehearsal – also to see the soloistJaroVinarsky dancing




Director Pavel Zustiak and ghosts:





and backstage waiting for our 15 minutes:



photo session in the end: