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March 24th – kilometers – 365x project

Good morning, world! First night under Spain sky, not first under the airport chair. Why not. It’s much darker there, even if in the middle of everything. Plus it’s free and easy, especially when you’re landing after midnight – no need to look for a transport and hostel in the middle of the night in foreign town. And it’s free, as I said, one of the ways how to travel more (less money spend on  that trip = more for another one, easy). In Girona was very calm and quite but quite cold in early morning.


From the airport I headed Tossa del Mar, tiny cute town on the seashore with medieval old town called Vila Vella (more photos later later, don’t wanna spend my vacation time in front of the computer)

I had a walk, a lazy hour on the beach and amazing supercheap lunch. Menu del dia. Ach! I don’t know how it’s possible  to do holiday detox when they serve you 1/2 liters of wine with meal..


From Tossa I went back North to beautiful Girona, where I met my hosts from Couchsurfing – musician Ignasi and graphic designer Rebecca. I even had chance to go to small art cinema for a Sam Peckinpah movie from 1974… Late night and not enough sleep again. I will need holidays after this holidays…


January 18th – working weekends are back – 365x project

Saturday office


the edge of Scotland. onephotostory


That place, do I even remember the name? Small village in North North North  Scotland, few steps from dreamland of Orkney Islands. Edge of the beauty.

I was couchsurfing there. Cute house near small harbour. I remember talking in the morning sun, lots of flowers, chickens and cats.

Empty village streets. Strong wind. Suprising sun. Further North. Further hapiness.

Day 1.: Williamsburg. NYC 12 days in 12 pics

Day 1: Williamsburg. NYC 12 days in 12 pics


it’s a different chapter. Pattaya. Thailand. flashback.

How did I get to Pattaya, place famous for nightlife?

It was my first days in Bangkok. Loud, crowdy, so sooo hot. My plan was to go North. But before I had a dream: blue sea, yellow sand, sun, chill-out on the beach, yeah. I looked at the map and into my guidebook and made 5-min decision. Pattaya is close and available. I should have done better research but… my brain was somewhere else.

For those who doesn’t know Pattaya – it’s town on the seaside with small dirty crowdy beach, next to it there are hotels and block of flats with like 50 floors, disgusting, million Russian restaurants, famous Walking street with center FULL of nighclubs where you can get anything you want -boys girl ladyboys…

Entrance to the street. “Long Live the King”.
Under: “International Meeting Point”.
Yeah, sure.

Google Night Club. Photo taken for my brother.