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Be my everything for weekend. Liptov, Slovakia. onephotostory



Hey,  you can be everybody. You can be everything to me. You can be my world, micro, but enough. You can be whole town in few streets – to the shop, to the lake, to the hill with a cross. You can be never-ending party in front yard. You can be third book on the yellow bench.



one 4th floore bar in the center of Linz. OnePhotoStory


Short jump to Linz theater festival. Meeting after months. Polish-Czech-Belgium wine re-union. Hip-hop night on that glass bar in festival center. 3euro cupons. Loud stories in the crowd. Discussing typical actor’s attitude. Busy night on that short white bar.


the edge of Scotland. onephotostory


That place, do I even remember the name? Small village in North North North  Scotland, few steps from dreamland of Orkney Islands. Edge of the beauty.

I was couchsurfing there. Cute house near small harbour. I remember talking in the morning sun, lots of flowers, chickens and cats.

Empty village streets. Strong wind. Suprising sun. Further North. Further hapiness.