Archive | December 2014

December 25th – blue&azul – 365x project

almost empty streets of Porto



December 24th – music of Oporto – 365x project

free music instalation on Porto square, Portugal


December 23rd – mysterious garden in Sintra – 365x project

I’ve passed the most famous Sintra palace and went straight to suprising, amusing and mysterious Palacio e Quinta de Ragaleira. mrau!


December 22nd – so close to a beach – 365x project

Sao Pedro da Estroil. my hiding place.



December 22nd – Im in love – 365x project

my new lovve, Lisboa, discovering, exploring, getting sick from all you can eat photo, illegal trams, too much sun, I love water.


December 20th – from fog to sun – 365x project

from Evora to Lisboa. still very cold. evening on Pink street with Olga, supersweet Portugese drinks, cold bars where you sit in a jacket, but still i can feel the warm South spirit.

if you ask me why I dont spend holidays in Poland..


and the coolest bar on Pink Street and the best toilet selfie…



December 19th – Evora – 365x project

If you want to arrive to a small town out of a season on 18th it’s good to make reservation for 18th instead of 19th