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home office, home restaurant, home haircut, home cafeteria, home jail, home robot.

my body is in Prague, my brain in Amsterdam, my heart is in small islands in the middle of nowhere.


new book, new article, new half of a book…


the trip

on Monday in metro I came up with THE TRiP.

from Alaska to South Chile.

the best offices of May

Berlin. Waiting for check in. Translation.


South Tenerife. Awesome hostel in the middle of nothing. Windy morning, hostel cat, concentration, proofreading.


North Tenerife 8am. Hotel terrace. I don’t sleep in this hotel, come on. But I guess they think I do. But just don’t care.  I wanted just to order a coffee. We’ll see…20140604_083919


March 23rd – Prague > Wroclaw

Coffee on the main square, superrain (I wouldn’t be a daughter on my mother if I hadn’t said “that ugly cold weather is fine, at least I will be even more happy when I reach Spain) , Joy Division, ebook, baby backpack, constantly wet sneakers, lemon vodka (mniam!), pure hapiness.


So after calm but tired rainy way from sleepy Prague to coldish Wroclaw, I finally reached little bit drunk airport. Amazing week has finished, another one ahead. Yeah!




I havent’s finished all my projects but I already have at least few ideas. Few lists to follow. Few thoughts.

Sometimes it’s hard to answer are you able to rest? Glass can be half full as well. I am happy that I never got stocked with – what to do next? 

that beating heart. New York

the only problem is – all my stories start with “In New York…”

Late evening after long working day. I eat porridge and watch HBO’s  “Boardwalk Empire”. I feel so happy when they mention Cotton Club, Harlem, characters move to Brooklyn, see some piece I can put in broader context.

Italy with my friends. Chill out.  When I start talking about New York it’s hard to stop – mostly stories from the bast, interesting (for me) things I discovered to myself. Not sure if it’s that exciting for people who hasn’t been there at all?

In Vienna I see “New York New York” bar and need to fight with myself not to get in. In the other one, supercosy and superlocal, they play Alicia Key’s “New York State of Mind”.

Few hour in the bus. Featured movie all set in NY, I even drop few tears (ekhm), after even documentary on the same topic.

“I need rescue” – I write in text message to my friend. Or reset.

But maybe it’s still better than talk about bad date, non unanswered messages or lost loves, some boring job? 

I am fascinated by the idea of “city”. When all that work load will go lower I have prepared  another amazing things to watch – online Penn University course “Designing Cities”. ❤

crossing point. melting point. changing point.

Yes. You were thinking about that trip for half a year. You want to leave for some time. You’ve planned it for a week, month, or three or whole year. You tamed it. You stroked it. You hug it. You loved it.

And today is that day. You have to finish packing, make final decisions, take that bus to the airport, lock the doors, move out. You find yourself in a crossing point when you start to realize you weren’t waiting for exactly that moment. You were thinking only about the idea. And now. Now you are sentimental. Do I really wanna go? Why I am leaving my comfort zone? Again?

I travel a lot but that point almost never change. It’s amazing. And scary. It’s beautiful and horrifying at the same time. You are perfectly alone in it. You think about connections, new place and how you gonna handle all your trip while your friends are sitting in the office or doing shopping at local store. They maybe envy you but probably they also forgot how to feel such a big change on the skin. Every centimeter.

I’m not leaving for a year. Not yet. But my brother is and I’m proud of him. But I co-feel that moment. After meeting all those people during farewell party. I’m sentimental.