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September 28th – how to escape – 365x project

during the regular weeks when I can’t travel longer further better I try to take one day solo minitrips. just to escape for a while, look at world again with a “fresh eye”, feel like traveler again and think think think. when I am losing a grip or getting sick of the reality it helps me keep the distance. or find a distance which I’ve lost and I’m crawling totally lost. it’s a time when I have great ideas.

today I went to Křivoklát. small  town with a castle in beautiful forests. just walking here and there. just being with me.





September 27th – 365x

perfect city day. sun, soft wind, Saturday. visiting places, meeting people just like that, discovering, Fall is coming.

new spaces in Karlin district.



September 26th – night – 365x project

when you get of from work tunnel everything seems to be weird and interesting. especially during wine night.



September 25th – finally back to Amsterdam – 365x project

for now only mentally. writing the second 25pages chapter


September 24th – robot – 365x project

new gadget near the place where I go for a run few times a week


September 23rd – masochism – 365x project

maybe (for me, others, not everyone) it’s a masochism but I kind of like the very early lessons I teach. Day is long, day is concentrated, day is not-post-alco.



September 22nd – sock&wrestling – 365x project

in the mrning: Better don’t ask me why a muscle in my hand hurts, why I have bloody elbow & both knees and why I didn’t manage to follow whole Spice Girls text. It was a good Sunday.

Bořivojova block party