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meantime in St Katherine’s docks



“night watch starts now” party and after…

It’s not polite to write about any late night details of Crew/Family/Friends Friday Party. It was good enough to iritate bodyguards who had problem to kick out over 50 people who still had so many to tell each other. Party moved to hotel’s 24hrs bar when I catch the mood  “everyone’s my friend”. And it was great. I met really interesting people (I was also told that I look like hokey referee in my black-white shirt).

During party the basic “where are you from” question” became secondary, The most often was “which part of the race are you doing?”. “None” I had to answer sadly.


London’s center of the universe

From New York straight to London city center, cold cider in a pub right before closing. Dead night and jet lag morning took me to English breakfast in the docks with a view for 11 boats and one special one – Jamaica. Because on this boat my brother will sail the world.

Atmosphere in docks is amazing. Like on a summer camp or during film festival – loads of people, families, music, people in similar t-shirts.  You can small silent excitement everywhere in the air.

St Katherine’s docks are a center of universe. Definitely it is to me.


20130830_075626[1]Jamaican motto: No problem!


Day 11: here & there & West Queens. NYC 12 days in 12 pics

5 Pointz gallery.  And I know when NYC food stands sleep.