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June 8th – good morning Berlin – 365x project

dangerously close to reality – on the way back to Prague

my V.I.P. lounge in airport. Established 2009



the best offices of May

Berlin. Waiting for check in. Translation.


South Tenerife. Awesome hostel in the middle of nothing. Windy morning, hostel cat, concentration, proofreading.


North Tenerife 8am. Hotel terrace. I don’t sleep in this hotel, come on. But I guess they think I do. But just don’t care.  I wanted just to order a coffee. We’ll see…20140604_083919


May 31st – the right Berlin – 365x project

my strongest Berlin’s memory from x years ago – Yaam – was reopened on Wed!

so many perfection within two days.

the only regret – I didn’t take longboard agh!