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and when I’m at war with myself I just ride, I just ride


Orange & Monks. Thailand. flashback

the weirdest compliment. Pattaya. Flashback.

In Pattaya I have heard probably the weirdest compliment in my life. We are sitting with David, my couchsurfing host, in the bar with naked ladies. Jacuzzi show it is called. He little bit drunk. Me little bit drunk with the atmosphere there. It is my first (and probably last) visit in nigh club like that. So we sit, drink, watching (I was more concentrated on guys sitting there, not that they are so sexy. They are not. Maybe one or two. Just curious how they behave without any breaks).  We dance. Me with a waitress who than thinks I’m lesbian and pulls me to jacuzzi girls that strong that I have to save myself telling that David is my husband. I’m drunk we sit. And after one hour David tells me  – you are the prettiest girl here.

I’m not very sure if being the prettiest in bar full of  Thai naked girls serving drinks or sitting in jacuzzi putting ice in their pussies is a compliment or not, but I politely say – thank you, David.

it’s a different chapter. Pattaya. Thailand. flashback.

How did I get to Pattaya, place famous for nightlife?

It was my first days in Bangkok. Loud, crowdy, so sooo hot. My plan was to go North. But before I had a dream: blue sea, yellow sand, sun, chill-out on the beach, yeah. I looked at the map and into my guidebook and made 5-min decision. Pattaya is close and available. I should have done better research but… my brain was somewhere else.

For those who doesn’t know Pattaya – it’s town on the seaside with small dirty crowdy beach, next to it there are hotels and block of flats with like 50 floors, disgusting, million Russian restaurants, famous Walking street with center FULL of nighclubs where you can get anything you want -boys girl ladyboys…

Entrance to the street. “Long Live the King”.
Under: “International Meeting Point”.
Yeah, sure.

Google Night Club. Photo taken for my brother.




food is in the air. Thailand.

I am not food expert. If so, only in tasting. I’m also not a big fan of making photo of everything what’s on table. Better just eat it.

once my Polish friend visited me in Prague. we ordered traditional Czech food. He was taking photo so long that worried waitress came to ask if everything is OK…

I am back to Europe now and food makes such a big difference as I’d almost never eaten so-called  Western food. while in Asia. I missed potatoes, cheese and bread. Nothing more. Now I miss rice noodles, cheap food on every corner, available seafood and tones of chilli.

Every second person who is curious about my trip is asking me – and what about food?


Streetfood everywhere



Sausages: Polish-Thai connection



My beloved soup

Seafood all-you-can-eat in Pattaya


Famous cooking classes:





blue and smoke. Chiang Mai. Thailand. flashback.

Chiang Mai was my first meeting with religion in Asia – first celebration. Lunch for monks. Habits and tradition.

Not only beautiful temples but some calmness I’ve found there. Where I can concentrate. Where I can just be.

Inner beauty.