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December 14th – my hometown – 365x project

Free Town Cieszyn* demands access to the sea! (*Cieszyn is a town in south Poland between mountains – the closest sea is about 650km) 20141214


December 13th

one of my fav places in hometown Cieszyn, Klubokawiarnia Presso and design exhibitions next to it.

October 31st – yes, so called Halloween – 365x project

Polish motif in Propaganda bar. Weird party, weird Halloween, great “Kill the dandies” concert


October 4-5 – hometown – 365x project

weekend in Cieszyn, my hometown. accually I’m prepearing “Polish table” for next Sunday and making home-made meat spread with apples (even if I’m vegetarian) – looks not that tasty, but people loves it.



August 7th – on the road – 365x project

Wroclaw. gas station. waiting for carpooling to Denmark.


Aug 6th – why not? – 365x project

sending postcard from film festival. why not?


May 25th – bye bye 3city – 365x project

3city = Gdańsk, Sopot, Gdynia