What is happening with this blog?

I’ve started this blog one evening in Malaysia, when after weeks of independent travelling I felt like I want to share. After a while I set is as a base of my 365x project in photography which I was running whole year 2014.

Few months later I’ve decided that I feel better writing in my native language Polish and in summer 2015 I’ve started Polish blog “A skąd jesteś“.

AndWhereAreYouFrom blog is partly dead but I keep it as a platform for futer project. One is already on the way!


so what happened with 365x project?

as a beautiful connection between reality and internet reality Ive put 100 photos from 365x project public.

During whole week I was publishing one photo each day on a blog and on a FB wall. In January Ive published them in common space of Zizkov-Karlin tunnel in Prague






Few weeks most of the photos were gone



Today only one left.

New project is blooming


December 31st / Jan 1st – night Milan – 365x project

Milan’s squat Macao and CS party. rock club before. private party at home. discovering wrong buldings.





December 31st – THE restaurant – 365x project

great place in Milan. Franco rules food world.


December 30th – my least fav city – 365x project

Milan is boring. Milan is full of shopping. Milan has no soul. Yes, besided cathedral Duomo.


December 29th – bye bye Lisboa – 365x project

and saying bye to my favourite spots