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June 26th – my NYC guidebook has been printed! – 365x project

(time for self-promotion)

New York City guidebook I was working on last year has finally arrived to my flat Prague.

I was very surprised how heavy and thick is it. More than 300 pages of text. Aaaaa. “I really wrote it all??” that was my first question… Yes, today I am proud of my baby. Big thanks to Anna Młynowska ❤ and Aga&Janek who made me feel like home in NYC.

Publisher: ExpressMap Polska

(unfortunately) for now only French version in available, hopefully soon in original – in Polish.






June 25th – what made me smile today – 365x project

new set of “wall” photos.


June 24th – theatre project – 365x project

New theatre project in which I am included

16th and 17th of September in Archa Theatre in Prague. You are allowed to come with hangover after my B-day.

New performence “Inventory of Powerlessness” made by director Edit Kaldor and group of very inspiring people!!!


June 23rd – dancehall – 365x project

Monday’s endorphins (that moment I felt as sharp as that photo:)))



June 22nd – buildings are talking – 365x project

I love change

I sail all the seas

Anděl, Prague


June 21st – music (re)discovery – 365x project

no1 music discovery is Finnish solo artist The Hearing – perfect live plus band I knew

amazing magic and superyoung The Dumplings and moving night Kamp!



June 20th – islands of Prague – 365x project

first steps into the summer with United Islands music festival

and special dedication Haiku is here:

it’s pretty but no no personality
chakra sakra
tralalala la!