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November 18th – the only post in the world – 365x project

Only in Prague exist city’s pneumatic post from the end of 19th century. You can visit it via Prague Information Center or



November 17th – cooking – 365x project

is it fair if I don’t eat that myself?


November 14th-16th -chata, chalupa, cottage – 365x project

out of world: fog, wine, friends, only non public photos.

but still – memories of Czech Summer:



November 13th – quiz night – 365x project

there were a moment right after that round when we were winning…


November 12th – kooo ko ko kooo – 365x project

there is a funny page on FB “Churches which pretend to be chckens” (“Kościoły, które udają kury” ), but in Zizkov even houses looking like that…