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March 31st – coffee part 2 – 365x project

visit at Dominican Republic office in Prague



March 30th – it’s not possible – 365x project

it is first day without coffee since 2003. no idea why but it’s so big event for coffee addict.


March 29th – windy Barce.lona – 365x project

windy weirdy sandy.




and to compare – photo from October 2012

DSC_0002 (1)


my favourite place – Barcelonetta. I love cities with access to sea.




(yesterday half day in bus, half in bed, 11 hours sleep at night and flu is almost a memory. almost. now I’m reading at cold Girona airport. who would say I will wear a thights under the jeans in Spain)

March 28th – Barcelona – 365x project

it’s important to have a right shop in front of your hostel. What left is a hope that tomorrow, my last day in Spain, great ressuraction will come.


March 27th – my favourite time of a day – 365x project

Zaragoza is amazing place to live. Two days of being positively surprised.

Jusibol, North suburbs with desert touch.


Famous church with more famous Pilar. As my driver said “it’s funny. So small Pilar, so huge church”. True!


Just walking I can see that this town lives. And goes in good direction. Streetart is everywhere. My favourite time of a day.


March 26th – idea or ilusion of freedom – 365x project

Do you want to go for intense Spanish course? Better hitch-hike in Spain. Nothing helps more, trust me. After 7 hours in cars with various drivers my brain feels like tortilla de patatas, tortilla espanola en mi cabeza! If I hear one more Spanish word today, my brain will explode! But I am surprise how many conversations I can do after 10 lessons of Spanish that I had in my life!

I spent most of today on the road. Standing near the road, waving, trying to communicate, stopping for coffee and more coffee. Can lunch on the grass near gas station close to the highway. Maybe I am insane but that can make me happy. Simple happiness. The idea or illusion of real freedom. The love for the world which helping me. Strength that I have to go my way in live. People who inspire me and made it happen. Smart post-hippie, cute truck driver, singer who jumped out of the car to give me a hug for goobye. Complicated but amazing pleasure.

Reaching Zaragoza with big smile. Looking for a free toilet and getting to a free exhibition about Picasso. Who else can do that?

Tapas and wine as a reward. I am.




March 25th – Dalí and Cadaqués – 365x project

What I love, what I dream about- sit in the evening on the beach and just think, be, smell the sea, feel small. After have 30 seconds cold swim and go sleep. That was one of the main reasons why I stayed overnight  in Cadaqués,  small, cute and white-blue town North from Barcelona almost in France. Here Dalí and Gala had their house.

Life redesigned my dream and instead of sitting on the beach I walk here and there to warm up, instead of swimming in the sea I literally swim in my shoes.

It’s windy,  rainy and beautiful. In the sun this town would be like from fairytale, cloudy weather gives it dark secret. Is it Scotland or Spain, I”m asking myself.

Some guy on the street:  hey, your jacket maches the sky.