January 25th – snow&hike – 365x project

What a great day and perfect winter trip.

In Czech Republic it’s about -8 or 10 Celsias these days but thanks to the perfect sunny wheather it was like a fairytale. We’d started in village Bilka (central Czechia) and continue easy hike to small mountain Milešovka, then walked about 13 km and reached other mountain Lovoš for the sunset. Then way down to town Lovosice. In Velemín we stopped in Czech hospoda (which is sth in between bar and restaurant) where time stopped 20 years ago. They have the cheapest prices ever. Big beer or wine 18CZK!


It wasn’t even that cold as I was expecting…

DSC_0906 (Small)

DSC_0943 (Small)

DSC_0915 (Small)

DSC_0932 (Small)

DSC_0904 (Small)

DSC_0952 (Small)

DSC_0948 (Small)

DSC_0951 (Small)

DSC_0953 (Small)

DSC_0956 (Small)

DSC_0955 (Small)

DSC_0971 (Small)

DSC_0985 (Small)

DSC_0978 (Small)


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